News from 2G

Good afternoon everyone.
Many thanks for all the comments and the support recently whilst we have been working very hard on our SAT exams. The children have been superb, putting every ounce of effort into their work. They were a little disappointed that the muffins we had been enjoying as a treat during SATs week were no more! And so were the teachers!
We have been delighted by the response of a soldier called Jake who the children wrote to recently in Afghanistan – they were overjoyed to get a message on the blog today from him! Take a read if you haven’t already – under ‘Letters to Afghanistan’.
Many thanks for the seeds, bulbs and flowers sent in for our gardening project – we are hoping to be out gardening this week – but everytime we mentioned it last week, the weather took a turn for the worse! Maybe if we keep it quiet we can get out while it’s fine!
Please can we ask that children have their reading diaries signed regularly – ideally 3 times a week, in order to boost and support the iteracy work we do in school too.
Many thanks for your continued support, Mrs Greer.

Alliteration poems

Following on from yesterday’s poetry workshop, today the children have produced some wonderful poems along various themes.

The only rule for these poems was that they must include alliteration, which is repetition of the same same sound at the beginning of words in a phrase, for example:

Six silly sausages sizzling in a saucepan.

A funny fox follows a fat fish.

We have been so impressed with the children’s writing that we thought we should share them with you.

Here are the first few and we will be adding more along the way. Please let us know what you think!

Year 2 team  🙂


Julia and Faith’s poem

One slimy supply teacher slithering to the staff room,

Two tiny teachers trotting to the toilet,

Three horrible head teachers hoovering down the hall,

Four school councilors cartwheeling down the corridor,

Five school mates marching in a marathon,

Six dotty dinner ladies dancing in the dinner hall,

Seven clumsy cleaners carefully carrying a cabbage.

Letters to soldiers in Afghanistan

The children have been writing letters to soldiers in Afghanistan. Gunner Jake Thornton is from Blackpool and is a friend of Mrs Shuttleworth. He is 20 years old and currently serving in Afghanistan. The children are interested in finding out what army life is like and about the soldiers themselves. Many of the children wrote about how brave they think the soldiers are and how proud they are of them. They wanted to write letters to put a smile on a soldier’s face as they may be missing their friends and family at home. All of the children and staff at Layton wish the soldiers a safe tour of duty. We are hoping that some will send messages to our blogs once they have received their letters. Hopefully when Gunner Thornton returns to Blackpool he will come and visit us to tell us all about his life in the army and his work in Afghanistan.


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Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 21.23.54

Nocturnal projects

Good afternoon, many thanks to all parents/carers who helped their children at home with their nocturnal projects. It is lovely to see so many carefully thought about pieces of work. Tomorrow we will be sharing the projects with Year 6 children who are going to spend some time with us reading them through. We will awarding the children certificates too if they completed the homework task. 

Many thanks for your continued support, and we shall be back in school on the 3rd June, have a lovely half term, from Mrs Greer.

Ofsted Inspect 2G!

Good afternoon parents/carers,   as the letters sent home yesterday show, we are delighted with the recent findings by the Ofsted Inspector’s team.  When we were visited in 2G, it was a pleasure to see the children responding really well to the inspector, answering questions, and showing how enthusiastic they are on a day to day basis, not just that lesson. They really showed us at our best, and how we are each and every day. Mr Clucas has written on his blog, in a little more detail of what the inspection was about, and how it was done. Click on the link below.

Many thanks S Greer

What am I? Solving maths problems…

Good afternoon children, here are some word problems for you to solve… you may need the help of someone at home, then post the answers back to me through the blog comments box.
I will be giving merits! From Mrs Greer.

I am an EVEN number.
I am LESS than 5 x 4.
I am MORE than 25-10
What number am I?

I am an EVEN number
I am MORE than half a century
and LESS than 20 x 3.
What am I?

Q3. Now make up your own clues for anumber for me to guess…
I am an _________ number
What am I?

Spellings given 7th May for 13th May in Year 2

Here are the spellings for this week, to be tested next Monday. We have gone over meanings and spelling patterns of these words in class. We will hopefully soon be linking our spellings in the blog, to a website providing fun and interesting games with spellings given – we will keep you posted! Thank you for your continued support in reading with your child at home, the Year 2 Team.

Group 1

-ful words

Group 2

-ful    words

Group 3

-ear sound